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Exclusive Interview, lately... with my best friend. :)

Session Start (FoxCajole:Chris Huffman): Wed Sep 07 14:46:57 2005
[14:46] Chris Huffman: Hey dude.
[14:50] Fox Cajole: heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey
[14:50] Fox Cajole: How's the man of the house doing?
[14:52] Chris Huffman: I'm doing great!
[14:53] Fox Cajole: Awesome
[14:53] Chris Huffman: Unpacking?
[14:53] Fox Cajole: Sorry I've missed you the last couple of times you were on and said hi.
[14:53] Chris Huffman: It's cool man.
[14:53] Chris Huffman: No prob.
[14:53] Chris Huffman: Did you move?
[14:54] Fox Cajole: I'm sorry I couldn't come up to GA for the wedding. New job, new music leader position at church,... just couldn't make it. :(
[14:54] Fox Cajole: I moved to Daytona, yeah...
[14:55] Chris Huffman: Hey dude, I understand.
[14:55] Chris Huffman: No one came from my dad's side of the family.
[14:55] Chris Huffman: I'm not bitter about it though.
[14:56] Fox Cajole: Yeah. I know. Somethings are just tough timing.
[14:56] Fox Cajole: We have a Saturday Night service now at FBC Daytona,... it's in Port Orange at Sweetwater Elementary. I play electric guitar and sing with the band in that service.
[14:57] Chris Huffman: Sweet man.
[14:57] Fox Cajole: Yeah, it's fun. Although we aren't very organized.
[14:58] Fox Cajole: I get tired of doing the same songs all the time... but I guess I can't complain... you deal with it EVERY night. ;)
[14:58] Chris Huffman: Hey man, that's cool that you get to minister with your guitar again though.
[14:58] Chris Huffman: Haha, that's true.
[14:59] Fox Cajole: Yeah, I just need some spice in my life right now.
[15:00] Fox Cajole: I've fallen into some sort of mundane routine of work, church, sleep type schedule.
[15:00] Chris Huffman: Hey man, I've been there.
[15:00] Chris Huffman: That's what touring is like after about a week.
[15:03] Chris Huffman: You coming to Night of Joy on Friday?
[15:04] Fox Cajole: No ticket. :( We've got bible study here, and I have to work in the AM. Sucks for me.... BIG TIME.
[15:04] Fox Cajole: I wish I could go.
[15:04] Chris Huffman: Sorry dude, wish you could come.
[15:04] Fox Cajole: Me too, me too.
[15:04] Fox Cajole: I picked up your new CD the other day though...
[15:04] Chris Huffman: You sound like quite the busybody these days.
[15:04] Fox Cajole: Got a copy for mom too.
[15:05] Chris Huffman: Really, what'd you think?
[15:05] Fox Cajole: It was pretty good. I think I like the previous one better though.
[15:05] Fox Cajole: It's really hard to compare since it's still the same band.
[15:06] Chris Huffman: Yeah, I feel the same way, although we did get to help a little more on this album.
[15:06] Fox Cajole: It's like comparing Jesus Freak with Supernatural.
[15:06] Chris Huffman: Haha, I wouldn't go that far, but I guess so.
[15:07] Fox Cajole: With the two that you redid, they sound much better.
[15:07] Chris Huffman: Which 2?
[15:07] Fox Cajole: Bethlehem, and In Me
[15:07] Chris Huffman: Oh yeah.
[15:07] Fox Cajole: While You Were Sleeping*
[15:08] Chris Huffman: Prodigal was kind of a redone one too, but we didn't start playing it until we moved here.
[15:08] Chris Huffman: The white album is still my fave.
[15:08] Fox Cajole: I've heard comments from others, saying that they fear Mark is being "Chapmanized"
[15:08] Chris Huffman: Yeah, I agree.
[15:09] Chris Huffman: Hector and I are in an accord about a few of the songs sounding the samne.
[15:09] Chris Huffman: same
[15:09] Fox Cajole: He's really starting to lose his edge on the sound, ... but the lyrics are still strong.
[15:09] Fox Cajole: Even his voice sounds different on this CD.
[15:09] Chris Huffman: Does anybody hear her? is the same chords as Voice of Truth.
[15:09] Fox Cajole: Hmmmm... weird.
[15:10] Chris Huffman: Yeah, we as a band need to do the creating, not all the producers.
[15:10] Fox Cajole: I think my favorite on the CD is Father, Spirit, Jesus.
[15:10] Fox Cajole: It sounds most like the original sound.
[15:10] Chris Huffman: That's why In Me is my fave song on the album, because we all recorded on it and we all wrote it like it was brand new in the studio.
[15:11] Fox Cajole: Does he say the word "Lifesong" in EVERY song on the album?
[15:11] Chris Huffman: Haha, I wouldn't doubt it.
[15:12] Fox Cajole: Yeah, it's kindof a recouring theme.
[15:12] Fox Cajole: One of my favorite bands right now is "The Afters"
[15:16] Chris Huffman: Ok, I'm back.
[15:16] Chris Huffman: Yeah, they have a cool sound.
[15:16] Fox Cajole: Mmmmkay
[15:17] Fox Cajole: YEah, reminds me kind of like a softer Cadet
[15:17] Chris Huffman: Yeah.
[15:17] Chris Huffman: Geoff Moore is their manager.
[15:17] Fox Cajole: Awesome.
[15:18] Chris Huffman: Do you listen to heavy stuff much?
[15:19] Fox Cajole: Showbread, Underoath, and Spoken.
[15:19] Chris Huffman: Cool.
[15:19] Chris Huffman: Have you heard of a band called Staple?
[15:19] Fox Cajole: I also enjoy Beloved.
[15:19] Fox Cajole: Yeah, I have.
[15:20] Chris Huffman: I just got their new album.
[15:20] Chris Huffman: It's pretty good.
[15:20] Chris Huffman: They have 2 albums out now.
[15:20] Fox Cajole: Hmmm... I should check it out I spose.
[15:22] Fox Cajole: I've got some of "As I lay dying", Anberlin, Emery, Hawk Nelson, Lucerin Blue, Mae, and Unsed.
[15:28] Fox Cajole: It's pretty wild.
[15:30] Fox Cajole: I think my favorite song by Spoken is still "a question alone"
[15:31] Fox Cajole: I've gotta get going and finish up around here before I have to head down to church.
[15:31] Fox Cajole: I'll talk at you later buddy!
[15:31] Fox Cajole: Bye for now!
[15:31] Chris Huffman: See ya!
Session Close (Chris Huffman): Wed Sep 07 15:31:48 2005
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